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SAT Exam Details: All You Need To Know

Competition is in every field, every country and in every college or university. We have seen that so many students are applying for IIM’s, etc. and many of them want to go abroad. The trend of going abroad for study purposes are increasing day by day. Every day so many students are appearing for various exams to go abroad. IELTS is a common test which qualifies you to go abroad for study purposes. But we you want to get admission in good college or university in abroad then you have to give particular test specific to your course. Many exams are conducted in India only but they are valid in foreign colleges too. To clear this kind of examination in a very first attempt you need coaching. SAT coaching in Noida is known to be the best coaching for this examination. Students can enrol there to clear these examinations.

SAT is one of the standardized test which is conducted to get admission in various colleges in Canada, united states, Australia, united kingdom etc. this test is managed by the educational testing services over and around 19 countries in the world. This test is conducted around seven times in a year. There is no specific eligibility criterion for this examination. You can register for this examination either through a mail or through online media. You can create your own student profile with the college of board and then fill the application form. Then you can select the test centre as per your convenience. After uploading your photograph online and then paying fees you can print the admission entry. This test consists of four parts: reading, writing test, mathematics test with and without computer. The essay part is not mandatory, you can chose it if you want to.

  • Reading test: the pattern will be multiple choice questions relating to subject matter. The test will consists of various passages from contemporary work, economics, psychology, sociology; science etc. total number of questions in this section will be fifty two. The time allotted to candidate is one hour and five minutes.
  • Writing and language test: the multiple choice questions relating to comprehension, sentences, punctuation, etc. will be there. Candidates are required to correct, find mistakes, add or modify the sentences or finding answers to the passages. The number of questions in this section will be forty four and time allotted is thirty minutes.
  • Mathematics test: this test is conducted in two forms that are, test with calculator and without calculator. Questions will be in the form of multiple choice questions or fill in the blanks type.  The various questions relating to algebra, ratios, percentages, linear, quadratic equations, probability, statistics, geometry, trigonometry etc. the number of questions will be 58 and the time given to the student is eighty.

The results of this examination are declared after three weeks. The results will provide the percentage of student, scores as per section, total scores etc. in order to have the best study material join SAT coaching in Noida.

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